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7th-Jun-2006 06:34 pm
R/HR: damn right
this entry should answer any questions you have that were not already answered in the user info.


Q: What is shipping?
A: Shipping is basically when you support the relationSHIP or pairing between two characters or people. In this case, we support Ron and Hermione from the Harry Potter books.

Q: What is fannon and what is cannon?
A: Cannon refers to things that come directly from the books. For example, the movies are not cannon (which makes them fannon) because many parts are left out and somethings have been changed. R/HR is a cannon ship because there are many clues in the books. But the fanfiction we write or etc. about them is fannon. 

Q: What are some nicknames for the ship?
A: Ron/Hermione shipping is also known as "The Good Ship", "HMS Heron" and "OTP" (One True Pairing). OBHWF refers to R/Hr and H/G

Q: What are the ancryoms for the books/movies?
A: SS - The Sorcerers Stone. (PS in UK for philosopher's stone) , COS - Chamber of Secrets , POA - Prisoner of Azakaban , GOF - Goblet of Fire , OoTP - Order of the Phoenix , HBP - Half Blood Prince , 

Q: Why Ron and Hermione?
A: Well why not! This community is for people who support their relationship. Need convincing? Just another reason to join.


Q: What can I post?
A: Almost anything, as long as it relates to Ron and Hermione or Rupert and Emma. (Graphics, Icons, Fanfic, Fanart, etc.)

Q: I have a Ron/ Hermione community/site. Can I be your affiliate?
A: Yes PLEASE! Promotion is always appreciated, Especially now, since this community is new. Leave a comment on this entry.


KEEP THIS ORGANIZED. Please use filters and lj cuts. If things are kept organized and neat, you will be able to find what you need faster.

POST MATERIAL THAT RELATES TO R/HR I can not stress this enough. Its alright if you have other icons or whatever mixed into your post but some part of it MUST relate to the two of them.



BE NICE! We don't want to break up fights between members. Be respectful of people's work.


If you have any questions, that I have not answered please ask on this post.


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